How to score 100% in math ?

(and how to maintain it if you're already scoring)

Mathematics exam is a night mare to many students.

It has been observed that in case of  a lot of students, the main reason for not getting good grades in Math exam is not ‘not knowing the concepts well’. The actual reason is, doing mistakes while solving the problems in the main examination.
A simple solution can make students perform exceedingly well in math exam. The solution is nothing but making all possible mistakes during the practice sessions and mock exams so that no mistake is left for them to do in the examinations. The concept here is that, the students generally won’t repeat the mistakes done by them (in the practice sessions and mock exams) in the main examination.
Thomas Alva Edison failed 10000 times before inventing electric bulb.  After failing for the 10000th time, he said that he succeeded in proving that those 10000 ways do not work so that the next time he would eliminate those 10000 ways. And we know what happened further …..
Many students do not know this !!
When you practise math problems, if you commit mistakes, feel happy. Feel that you are getting closer to Edison. Note down the mistakes separately with red ink besides the problem in your note book.
If you do not commit any mistake in a particular problem, think ways of how mistakes could be committed in that problem and note down whatever comes to your mind.
During the revision sessions, pay special attention to these mistakes. Do a variety of mistakes again and again till no mistakes are left. That’s it. Now, none can stop you from scoring 100% in math paper.

This solution really works !!!

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4 responses on "How to score 100% in math ?"

  1. A great post ! I started visiting this website regularly and stated implementing the techniques. I could see that within a span of time I had gained a lot of confidence. I thank Sreedhar Vedula sir and Studynomics for inspiring and motivating me !!!

  2. a very good thought and advice. specially in maths students are scared to lose marks for small or silly answers thinking that they are not supposed to do mistakes.thanks .i shall adopt this for my kids

  3. why need to know:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))November 2, 2022 at 3:26 pmReply

    with this method i was able to get 69.5 out of 70 marks for my exam:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) my teacher also praised me:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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