When to stop studying a concept or How to know whether a concept is learnt fully or not

Students keep on studying the same concepts again and again as they don’t have a fool-proof mechanism to know whether they are fully conversant or not. They do this at the cost of studying some other subject, at the cost of their play time and at the cost of their health. This results in huge waste of time. During examinations, this results in non-revision of the entire portion. Eventually, this alone could be the cause of poor performance in examinations.
What if there is a self-testing mechanism, like a study-meter, which can tell you with reasonable certainty that you have studied the concept well and can now move on to the next topic, with a rider telling when you need to revisit the concept.
Studynomics teaches a self-testing mechanism using which, students are able to judge themselves and know whether they know something or not and whether they can recall it in the examination or not. With this self-testing tool in their hands, students feel empowered to test themselves and their peers too.

1 responses on "When to stop studying a concept or How to know whether a concept is learnt fully or not"

  1. I used to read the same concept again and again. I never used to know if I fully learnt the concept or not.
    Studynomics team, I want to know more about this study meter. can you please help me?

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