This course helps you in creating a compelling study environment for yourself in a way you like and in a way which suits you.

Ever watched a movie ?

When we sit in a movie theatre, we rarely check our cell phones for messages etc. We don’t browse through social media apps. The reason, as you know, is the atmosphere – the lighting, the sound system etc. in the theatre, which sets us in a groove and we don’t like to come out of that groove till the movie ends (unless the movie is too boring). You find that people around you concentrate on the movie and that everyone is silent (except very small kids, who don’t understand it). And you will also like to be one among them. So,apart from the movie, it is the ambience, the equipment and the behaviour of people around you, which makes the difference.

 Similarly, if students are able to create a compelling study environment which makes them dislike to move out and do something else, they automatically start studying for hours together. This compelling environment can produce remarkable results, often beyond expectations. You will be surprised to see the improvement in you.

 This course helps you in creating that compelling environment for yourself in a way you like and in a way which suits you. Such an environment often changes the people around around you too in  a positive way.

 And you will love that compelling environment and hate people who pull you out of that!

 Surprising ?

 Students, Find how you benefit for a lifetime by doing the course.

 This course is also useful to parents and teachers to help your children and students, if you are a parent, teacher or a well-wisher of students.

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Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Introduction to Getting into Study groove
Section 2: Study area
Organising Study area
Concept of Work stations
Collection & recoupment of materials
Section 3: Making friendship with subjects
Organising the content
Finding the right material & right order
Section 4: Getting interest in the subject
What makes it interesting
How to make uninteresting interesting
Section 5: Eliminating distractions
Section 6: Summing up

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