The biggest concern of students preparing for competitive exams

The biggest concern of students preparing for competitive exams

Keeping motivated is the biggest concern for most of the students preparing for competitive exams. 

Yes! The difference between the number of applicants and number of actual attendees is a proof.

The following fundamental characteristic of any competitive exam should be kept in mind:

Filtration: The sole purpose of any competitive exam is filtration. As there are a large number of applicants and a very small number of seats or vacancies, any competitive exam is designed to filter most of the candidates without proper fundamental knowledge and without the ability of rational thinking. Students, who are strong in their fundamentals and who can think logically and rationally, can easily remain unfiltered by the process. Keep getting stronger in fundamentals and logic. Filtration can be easily achieved by making the question paper tough, so that weak-hearted and demotivated students run away – either in the process of applying or preparation or during the exam.

What really matters in a competitive exam:

In a competitive exam, what really matters is your relative performance and not your absolute performance.


Let’s say, you attended two competitive exams and you felt one of them very easy and the other very tough. You must understand that, if it is easy, it’s easy for most of your competitors too. It follows that, if it’s tough, it’s tough for many.

You might get 1st Rank in the exam, you felt ‘tough’ and you might not even get qualified in the so called ‘easy one‘. What does this translate into? It tells you the fact that everything is relative. Your performance was much better than your competitors in the tougher exam and it wasn’t better than most of your competitors in the easier one. In the easier one, most of your competitors might have done much better than you.

What is the moral of the story?

Do not judge yourself and do not get disheartened. Everything is relative.

Either in mock exams or in actual exams, if you don’t perform well (according to your assessment), you should not get disheartened. Even when you feel you’ve not done well, yours could be the best performance in that exam when compared to your competitors and you could be the topper! Who knows?

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