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What is the optimum level of stress for you?

Before you read this post, you need to read this first:

What is the right level of stress?

Did you read the above post?

You now know what is meant by right level or optimum level of stress. But what is the optimum level for you?

To know that, you need to conduct experiments on yourself. Keep on increasing the stress until it becomes too much. Then reduce it a little. If you find it quite relaxing, increase it. By alternate increasing and decreasing for a few times, you will reach a stress level, which is right for you and which can bring out the best of you. That is your optimum level of stress. Once you find out the right level of stress for you, stick to it for some time. Prepare your time table and routine in such a way that, you are always stressed to that optimum level. After some time (say, a period of six months), increase the stress level slightly and your mind and body will make efforts to cope up with the slight increase. Sustain this increase in stress level for the next six months or so. In this way, you can go on increasing your optimum stress level by small increments. That is the way to achieve more and more in your life.

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