How to enjoy studies?

Enjoy every bit of it

If you enjoy what you do, you don’t feel like leaving it and doing something else. This is applicable for anything and everything in your life. Learning or Studying is one of the main activities of students. So, if you make your studying very interesting to you, you would feel like studying.
But how to make studies interesting to you?
 There are many ways.
1.  Spruce up your study place with colors.
2. Have good pens of different colors that make you love to write.
3. Have good quality notebooks, papers, and color sheets that make you love to write.
4. Keep motivating quotes in your study room.
5. Stick charts of different colors with important facts and formulas on the walls. Change them once or twice every week. Make them lively.
6. Study in advance (prereading), and be well prepared before your teacher teaches it so that you can answer questions that your teachers may ask while they teach.
7. Keep sharing your achievements, however small they are, with your parents, relatives, and friends. Even if you share a small achievement, like answering a question in a class, with your parents, it motivates them, and they in turn motivate you.
8. Have a healthy competition with your friends. From the era of hunting, humans always like competing with others. The purpose of competition is to make all of you excel. Remember, the world is so big, that it doesn’t matter who wins among you and your friends. Eventually, all of you are going to face the world, where you find so many people competing with you.
9. Put together a study group with a few sincere friends. It could be physical or online or both. Post even your small achievements in the group. Appreciate the achievements of your friends.
10. Visualize the good quality of life you will achieve if you get good results in your exam.
March 14, 2018

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