How to get interest in studies

I came across students who are passionate and who love to study.

I was also instrumental in transforming a few students, who were not showing interest in studies, into book-lovers.

There are various stages during which students lose interest in studies. It doesn’t happen all of a sudden. It’s a progressive phenomenon.

The first stage is not being able to understand what they study.

The next stage is being forced to understand or mug up or by heart in order to produce the content in the examinations.

The last stage is getting reprimand when they, in spite of their effort to mug up, are not able to produce in the examinations. Then the attitude of the student towards studies changes. Such unchecked progressive deterioration of attitude results in loss of interest in studies.

When the students understand, appreciate and are able to teach what they study, they continue to have interest in studies.

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  1. A great post !

    Some people plan for their project, yet they fail. It means planning is not proper and sufficient.
    As an example, you are doing a chapter like “Time and Distance” and feel it difficult. Then plan to take
    another chapter like “Time and Work” which is comparatively easier and solve some problems in it.
    This gives you confidence and you are ready to take up any difficult chapter. Surprisingly, you are
    able to arrive at correct solutions as your mind is set to solve problem after problem. Thus, your
    planning will yield you good results in any field of your study.

    Usually students develop a sort of fatigue after reading continuously for some considerable amount of time. If you stop studying definitely you are going to waste your time. Yes one surely feels the quantum of stress as a result of non stop and continuous reading. Then how to overcome this trouble? The technique you should follow will change your track of reading. You change the subject and start reading it. Your entire fatigue will vanish. For example, if you have been solving Maths continuously for a considerable amount of time and getting tired, change to another subject like English or and other language so that your brain feels it comfortable. After reading this as an interlude for sometime again take a subject which you feel strenuous. Thus, you can overcome and remove the “block” from your mind. This helps you to finish your subjects on time and to improve your score.
    All the best! Implement this right now!

  4. Teachers
    You are all aware that an answer to a question consists of many points. If all the points are correctly written then only the student is eligible to get full marks. But it may be difficult to remember all the points for all the questions of all the chapters of all the subjects by a student. Hence it is our pleasant duty to inculcate firm interest in the subject in the minds of pupils. It may be easy to teach one formula and fix it in their mind. All other formulae can be obtained from the original one. As an example let us consider a formula from analytical geometry from Mathematics. The equation of a line passing through origin is y = mx. Let us call this as MOTHER formula. In the place of y keep ( y – y,) and in the place of x keep (x -x,) . Thus we get ( y – y, ) = m ( x – x, ) ,the Point Slope form of line. Similarly now also substitute the formula for Slope in the place of m. m = (y2 – y1 ) / (x2 – x1 ). We get the Two Point formula of a straight line.
    There are so many examples of obtaining new formulae from known old ones from different chapters , say Time and Distance, Time and Work etc..

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