One Study Technique to train your brain and score well in Mathematics

Mathematics is a nightmare to many students, even though it is the easiest of all the subjects. After properly learning the concepts from a good teacher or after studying them on their own from a good book, while attempting the problems for the first time, students must not go through the solved examples. They should try to solve the problems on their own. They should try even if they do mistakes and even if they strike them down ten times. In this process, they train their brain to think. Every single time during further revision, they must adopt the same way. They need to remember only the basic relations but not each and formulae. They learn to derive the dependent formulae instantly whenever required. In many exams, the problems that appear are not the ones available in the prescribed text book or the reference books. This is more true in case of competitive examinations. Only those students who train their brain to think, get excellent results in Mathematics examination. Also, in this process they don’t need to revise much on the previous day of the examination. This makes their mind relatively free and as a result they don’t make silly mistakes while solving the problems in Examination. Statistics prove that ‘Making silly mistakes while solving problems in the Examination’ is the biggest cause of failure for a number of students.

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