Study Skills to remove Examination Fear from mind

Examination is a cause of  Fear and Stress for many students. For a properly prepared student, Examination is a cause of Joy and Happiness as she/he gets an opportunity to show-case her/his talent and prove her/his worth. The attitude, preparedness and the amount of practice make all the difference. For a person entering the swimming pool for the first time, it’s quite frightening. But for a person who practises swimming for a few times, it’s no more fearful! A person who practises a lot, dives into the pool from a height. So, it’s the practice that makes a lot of difference. Both attitude and preparedness change with practice. Mock tests help a lot in this regard. Taking mock tests is like entering the swimming pool a number of times without the fear of being drowned. Mock papers can be old papers, those set by friends, teachers or parents. After a number of mock tests, the student is well prepared for the real exam.

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